Get him to the Greek … Yogurt!


Greek yogurt has taken over the yogurt section in the grocery store. The craze came and yogurt companies complied. Chobani, Oikos, Fage, Muller and Yoplait have every flavor of Greek yogurt from strawberry banana and pomegranate to coconut and honey. What’s so good about this thick, tart treat?

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein and just about half the sodium of regular yogurt. Not only that, but it has fewer carbohydrates and sugar, which is why it is a great snack. Because it has more protein, you will feel more satisfied after gulping it down.

It has just about the same amounts of calories as regular yogurt and you still have to be careful when deciding between all of the delicious flavors, because that’s where more sugar sneaks in. The one nutrient that regular yogurt beats Greek yogurt in is calcium—Greek yogurt only has about a third of the calcium regular yogurt does.

Greek yogurt is thicker because when it is made it is strained an additional time to remove the whey, which contains a lot of the sodium, carbohydrates and protein.

So much volume is lost during the extra straining step that it typically takes 4 cups of raw milk to get 1 cup of Greek yogurt, while it only takes 1 cup of raw milk to get 1 cup of regular yogurt,” Mary Beth explained on Agricultured. 

It’s true. And because of this, Greek yogurt can be used in cooking and baking recipes because it does not curdle when it’s heated, like some regular yogurts. This makes it a great replacement or alternative to unhealthy ingredients. Check out some of the ingredients you can replace with Greek yogurt:

  • DSC_0887Heavy Cream
  • Buttermilk
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sour Cream
  • Whole milk

Instead of using heavy cream in recipes for sauces recipes, like Alfredo, you can use Greek yogurt. You can also replace the buttermilk in pancakes or biscuits mixes, whole milk in banana bread or even butter in cookies and other baked goods.

And that’s not even it! You can also use Greek yogurt to make frosting, cheesecake, mac ‘n’ cheese, dressings, dips and smoothies, of course. There are a lot of possibilities.

Time to get mixing. Let’s see how they taste!


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